Prayer, Eulogy and Rock Blessing for Davie LeRoy Kay’s Funeral

NOTE TO MY READERS: This is the Prayer, Eulogy and blessing I wrote for and gave at my cousins funeral. A lot of family members have been asking me for this and I felt that this was the best way to make sure that it got to everyone. 


I have been privileged today to welcome you all to this funeral service that is being held to honor, Davie LeRoy Kay.

For those of you who don’t know me I am Chaplain LeRoy Fiscus, I am also Davies Cousin.

As we start this service I want to remind you of a lesson Davie used in his life;

“The glass is always half full, it is never empty.”


Opening Prayer: Adapted from the poem “In Life’s Garden” by Anonymous

To something greater than us all:

Sometimes you pick a flower that’s still in full bloom.
And sometimes the flower that you have chosen, we feel it has been picked way too soon.
We ask you, what ever or who ever you are, that you will help us find peace in knowing that in the garden of what is life after death,
you have placed our treasured friend, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and son.

Davie changed our lives forever, and we trust you to treat him well until we can join him in the garden of what is life after death.

Today, let us all remember and celebrate the flower that has been taken from life’s garden and planted in whatever comes after the journey that we all call life…

At this time we ask you, whatever you are, to be with us as we take this day and this sacred time to walk through the garden that is Davies life.


Eulogy: The Gift He Left Us

Quiet… Shh… … Do you hear that? Do.You.Hear.That? … I do…

I hear the leaves rustling in those trees over there, I hear the birds, the water running through the river… I hear you, I see you… You look sad, angry, hurt?

Don’t be. Davie has left us ALL gifts…

Before I tell you what this gift is, I have some lessons to share, these lessons are the wisdom of Davie.


Life Lesson #1

When we were young Davie introduced me to a gun that could shoot down a crow!

Now, this gun was not your normal gun, it was one of those PVC pipe guns. it was one of those guns where you stuck an aerosol can full of flammable chemicals into the back of the gun. When this can was sprayed and introduced to fire it would send a potato FLYING into the air to meet its target.. a big mass of feathers.

Yes, Davie taught me how to shoot my FIRST gun…


Life Lesson #2

Several years BEFORE the potato gun lesson Davie was riding his bike down my mother’s steep gravel driveway. At the bottom of the driveway he tried to speed around the corner, but instead his bike slid and their went my cousin… Davie went head first into a large rock, and his head split open. Eventually, Davie healed and after awhile he was back to normal…

Davie taught me that that we heal, that we remember, and that life goes on and always gets better no matter what happens…


Life Lesson #3

Twenty Two years later Davie saw a Facebook post of mine and sent me a message. At that time I was about to graduate from college and had realized that I did not know what I was going to do next or where I was going to go in life. Davie gave me some advice that fixed my problem:

“Go to the woods and spend some time alone to think.” He also invited me to go to Alaska with him…

Davie re-taught me a lesson that all Fiscus’s and Kay’s are taught:  “Learn from nature, listen to the silence, and take advice and inspiration from something greater than you.”

Davie reconnected me to nature and to the… “whatever it is up there.”

.. … …

Lets change direction for a bit, let’s look at the lessons Davie taught others…


Life Lesson #4

Love the kids. Davie just loved kids. He always treated children well, he always seemed to magically pull candy out of his pocket and hand it to the child in front of him. He picked them up in a BIG hug and would spin them around like the best Mari-go Round Ride they had ever been on. Davies love for kids made him the most popular adult around! …

Davie taught us all to love and respect kids, and to be unselfish in giving them (and everyone) love and affection.


Life Lesson #5

No matter what, no matter how hard or difficult things were Davie ALWAYS had a smile on his face. It was that infectious ear to ear shit. ass. grin. You could not help but smile when you saw his smile…

Davie taught us to always smile…


Life Lesson #6

Davie loved electronics, sometimes to the dislike of his parents… and like any young man he got in trouble… a lot… and he was sent to his room… a lot…

Davie, not wanting to be bored in his room figured out a solution to the “bored while in trouble” problem… He drilled a hole in his bedroom wall, behind his T.V.. And on the other side of this wall was the Front Room AND the VCR. Davie slinked a cord through this hole and connected his bedroom T.V. to the Front Room VCR.

You may be asking yourself why he would go through all of this trouble to watch a movie? Well, like I said before. Davie got himself grounded to his room A LOT. So, to pass the time when he was sent to his room he would take a detour into the front room, pop a movie into the VCR, press play and would go enjoy his punishment…

Davie taught us all to enjoy life, even in the TOUGHEST of times.


Life Lesson #7

Davie liked animals… One time on a camping trip with his Dad Davie decided he wanted to take one of them home with him. He put a kitten he had found in his backpack and snuck it home. On the way back from the campground Davie took care of his new found friend. He laid in the back of his Dad’s pickup, under the canopy and fed this kitten a bag of Doritos.

When Davie got home he stuffed the well fed kitten back into his backpack and took it to its new home, called Davies bedroom. Soon the kitten was found by Davies Dad and his sister was tasked with walking to every neighbor’s house to try and find the kitten a new home. When no new home could be found the cat found that it belonged at Wanda’s, Davies Mothers house…

Davie taught us to love and help animals, to love and help each other, to and to love and help the most vulnerable of us all…


Life Lesson #8

My Mom called Aunt Wanda’s house to ask a question and an 8 year old version of Davies sister Jennet answered the phone. My mom said, “Can I talk to Wanda?” To which Jennet quietly replied, “LeAnn is an Ass Hole…” Jennet then set the phone down and went to get Wanda. Wanda soon picked up the phone to hear my Mom say, “I was just called An Ass Hole…” When Wanda approached Jennet and asked if she had called LeAnn and ass hole she blamed it on Davie, who then got spanked. Jennet, who just watched her brothers Ass get beat, felt really guilty and confessed to what she had done.

Davie always was honest in what he did, he taught us to own up to our mistakes and to say sorry when we did wrong to another person.


Life Lesson #9

Davie had a good sense of fashion. As a young kid he KNEW that pant’s were SOOOO YESTERDAY, so he simply took them off. Davies parents would chase him around, catch him and then put a pair of pants BACK on his squirmy little legs… However, only a few minutes (and sometimes seconds) later the pants would be where Davie thought they belonged: lying on the floor.

As Davie grew older he found the Fedora, and he knew how to wear it.

He also loved cut off jeans and biker boots.

The combination of cut off jeans, biker boots and fedoras made him a joyous sight to behold.

Davie taught us to be ourselves, to live life comfortably… and sometimes to live naked…



Now, let’s get back to those gifts that Davie left us.

He left each and every one of us a gift. He left one for you, and you, and you, and yes even you.

This gift is called Davies life. This gift contains all the memories Davie left us and the life lessons that Davie taught us.

Davie left us all amazing gifts…

For those of you here wearing your fedora in honor of Davie, let us tip our hats in thanks for the lessons he taught us, the gifts that he has given us all.


Rock Blessing:

Please join me as we bless this mix of rocks that Davie picked out with his Mother Wanda and that have been given by family members:

“I bless these rocks blessed with Davies love, and all who takes one and puts it in their pocket will have Davies love with them forever. These rocks are blessed with the ability to give their holders strength, so that their hearts and souls may be as strong and unbreakable as a loving and comfortable rock.



Treat these rocks as you would a worry stone, when you are in need of help, rub them to receive comfort from Davie.

In this box are Davies ashes. In a few moments I will invite you all to line up and pay your respects to Davie and to get your own rock that has been blessed by Davies love. After you have taken your rock please return to your seat for the rest of today’s service. If you are in need of a blessing of comfort do not hesitate to ask me for one.


I also want to take this moment to show you this journal. This journal will be available after the service, in the potluck area for you all to write your thoughts and love for Davie in it.

After today’s events this Journal will be put into the box containing Davies ashes so that your love may be with him forever.


“Davie is not weighed down anymore, and like a butterfly in flight his soul is set free.”


In Humility and Remembrance,