a letter to the LDS LGBTQ movement

Hey all! I have a lot of respect for all of you, you are all neat and amazing people who do a lot of good in the world and I am SO GLAD that I have had the opportunity to get to know you, work with you, and go through the experiences we have shared.
However, I do want to call out the actions of some. This message is not targeting one person, but many.
I want you to remember the hurt YOU have felt from rejection, from angry words, from possibly your family and even your friends. How did you respond when these people said these things to you, or acted negatively towards you. All that the current conversations are doing is keeping the vicious cycle of abuse that we LGBTQ people and straight allies have experienced for YEARS. I want to ask that this cycle stops, that those of you who are helping this harm to continue will stop doing so, and start engaging in conversations that allow for all sides to solve the issues of the past several months in an ethical and helpful way. The current strategies being used are doing NOTHING but harming all sides.
I understand that you are hurting from the actions of some people in other LGBTQ groups. The conversations that have been going on the last few days will end in nothing but having done harm to you and those you are attacking. Many of you involved in this movement have reputations that allow you to be listened to. By viciously publicly attacking other LGBTQ groups you are not only hurting your reputation but that of those leaders whose groups are being pulled into the mess that has been created. Not only is this the case, but you are also potentially causing those who have been slowly coming out of the closet to go back in, you could be turning those who have softened their hearts and opinions to start becoming LGBTQ friendly to not be friendly any more. By attacking groups whose mission or purpose does not fit your world view you are hurting the LGBTQ movement as a whole, your actions and words are now at the point where they are becoming harmful to other groups. You are chasing people, ALLIES, away from the idea of equality (especially in LDS circles) because your words and the words that have caused others to speak out of anger and hurt, these feelings and emotions are now being caused by all sides. The virus that is anger, hurt and sadness has started moving from helpful to harmful.
Our circle of LDS LGBTQ people has experienced enough hurt and anger, we do not need our work and our various groups, that help people very differently, to fall apart because our target audiences are not the same. We are all in this together, one idea with many groups who each address an important social issue(s) through those who are in these issues individual spheres of influence.
I hope that you take these words seriously, because I can see the harm that is being done and have noticed the pattern of the cycle of anger causing the LDS LGBTQ groups to start becoming disarrayed. Stop the cycle, and be pro-active in a way that respects each individual group and those who participate in the movement that we are moving forward. PLEASE stop hurting the movement, and start doing things that get positive actions and change started.